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Luxury Home Build by Pascon | Vlog

Client: Pascon Group

Here is Episode 3 of our Luxury Home build in Malvern. Our Director George Passas takes you the the next stages of the project including the suspeded slab, structral framing, procurement of prefabricated walls, posis, trusses and windows. 


Shot and edited by Kezia Angelica

Stanhope Malvern Townhouse | Real estate video

Client: Pascon Group

Let us take you through 3 beautifully designed luxury townhouses in Malvern, Victoria. Boasting an aesthetic that leans toward the traditional all the while delivering interiors that favour the lavish and opulent, these designer residences define elegance and sophistication.


Edited by Kezia Angelica

iDibs Company Profile

Client: iDibs

"I" is for International and "Dibs" is for internationals to call DIBS on what they need! How the One-stop Solution for internationals began!

Shot and edited by Kezia Angelica




Getting a Summer Internship | Event Highlight


A 60s highlight of events about getting a summer internship that took place in Melbourne, Australia.


Shot and edited by Kezia Angelica

Host Company Stories | Testimony Video


A testimonial video is essential for any business out there. It gives credibility to what the business is offering. Here is the testimonial video from little green panda for 


Shot and Edited by Kezia Angelica

Spectrum of Narratives Teaser

Client: Indonesian Film Festival

here’s another teaser to get you excited! We’re only a month away before we begin the 13th Indonesian Film Festival with our special events, so stay tuned for details!

Written, Directed, shot, and edited by Kezia Angelica

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