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Anoesis feat. La Lia - It's Getting Real (Coronavirus Song) [Official Video]

Anoesis feat. La Lia - It's Getting Real (Coronavirus Song) [Official Video]

Anoesis feat. La Lia – It's Getting Real (Coronavirus song) Download Song: Stream/Share on Spotify: Connect with Anoesis: Connect with La Lia: Producer & Director • Elliott Treves Director of Photography • Kezia Angelica Actor • Tristan Scaroni Assistant • Amira Megassini Production Company • Anoesis Studios Music video by Anoesis performing It's Getting Real. © 2020 Anoesis Studios, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Windhorse Records, Inc. Lyrics [INTRO, La Lia] It’s getting serious on this planet niggas As Cardi B said Coronavirus is getting real It’s getting real babe It’s getting real [VERSE, La Lia] It’s getting worse by damaging And shutting down Biggest country economies Making people stressed out And create depression in family Or friend members Communities are struggling And losing hope And strengthening their faith By praying much And now the whole world is a standstill We gotta deal with the silence It’s just too heavy for everyone To move onto the next page [CHORUS, La Lia] I know it could be hard Yeah it could be strange to swallow Everyone on their knees On the way to solve that out Run out now Run out now Run out now We need our immunity We’re all stuck in our imagination But we all should be brave [POST-CHORUS, Anoesis] And now we have the time To be useful For what we’ve been missing All this time we could Be coming together [VERSE, Anoesis] This quarantine got me all in my feelings Soon enough ya gonna have to peel me off the ceiling I’m going AWOL, can’t keep me locked up all day Isolation driving me up the wall, Tom Hanks Castaway Mayday. I’m crazy. Got Wilson by my side Hazy, but not lazy with no real end in sight Every time I watch the news I feel sick Every goddamn time Donald tweets… Pathetic. [BRIDGE, Anoesis] We cannot waste away the days We still have so much to live for This silence is testing us To overcome what we cannot see [VERSE, Anoesis] Put down your phone Turn off the news Open your heart, yeah Time to be sensible Flatten the curve Build up yourself, yeah We really don’t wanna see a second wave Viruses linger like cheap aftershave Lead even more to an early grave ‘Cos we got cocky and felt enslaved That’s an act that won’t be forgave This ain’t a time to be stupid and brave Just stay at home, wash your hands and be saved Why is it now that you feel depraved Your life before was sterile and lame Sit the fuck down for the ones who paved the way To supply you information to be safe and see another day [VERSE, La Lia] And now we all have a common life L’amour patience l’attention la persévérance It’s our surviving words Let’s live our dreams together now For a better world tomorrow It’s all about sharing and bringing harmony Enrich relationships by spending time with them and beyond A normal life where you could be let down And being ourselves And having social life Another revolution To a new routine of life [OUTRO, Anoesis] We all quarantine together Until you will have new wings To fly again properly #coronavirus #covid19 #quarantine #news
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